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Gamifive is a subscription service offering HTML5 games for iPhone and Android handsets. Users will get an unlimited access to the games platform which contains more than 50 games and it is also available through Wifi!

3G User Flow:

1. User clicks on the product of his choice and automatically redirected on an OK page
2. User clicks on "Confirm" (in the local Language) and subscribes automatically to the service

Switzerland WIFI User Flow:
1. User clicks on the banner and is redirected to the landing page
2. User inputs their mobile number and an SMS with PIN is sent to the user
3. The user is automatically redirected to second page to insert the received PIN to subscribe.

Device Restrictions:
- Italy: All

Turkey: Android, iOS 

Portugal: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile

Germany: Android, iOS

- Switzerland: Android, iOS

WIFI allowed: Switzerland

WIFI not allowed: Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Germany

Please note the following restrictions are also strictly not allowed on the campaign and failure to promote the campaign within the restrictions will result in immediate expulsion from the campaign and withholding of the payments.

- Wifi traffic - (Except for Switzerland)

- Tablet Traffic (Except for Android)
- Google Adwords traffic (SEM, Inapp, search, contextual, GDN, etc.)
- Adtoken/Reward traffic
- Malware traffic
- Ransomware traffic
- Mini-opera traffic
- Blackberry traffic

- Content blocking

- App installation

- Services are compatible for Android, iOS and WindowsPhone 8


For any further information please contact the account manager or 


Actions and Countries Availables

What’s My Brand_CH
Swiss Championship_CH
Tetri Blocks_CH
Forest Jump_CH
Popstar Dentist_CH
TapToFun Fruit Slicer CH
Taptofun: Cut the rope_CH
Taptofun: Blackbirds_CH
Cut the Rope - PT
Jellyslice XMAS - PT
Candy Breaker XMAS - PT
Cut the Rope XMAS - PT
Znack TV - CH
Znack TV Rosie - CH
Fruit Galaxy - PT
Ski Groovy CH
Hangman CH


  • Custom Creatives
  • Adult Traffic
  • Incentivized Traffic
  • Mediabuyer Traffic
  • Search Traffic
  • Push Notification Traffic
  • Ads Icon Traffic
  • Discovery App Traffic
  • Emailing
  • SMS Traffic
  • Mobile Application Traffic
  • Mobile Web Traffic
  • Desktop Web Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic
  • Network Syndication
  • Pop-up / Pop-under or similar traffic Promotion